Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mainstream Leasing’s Promise?

When Mainstream Leasing begins an engagement with a new client, it is committed to giving good advice and not wasting a client’s time.  If after an assessment, I feel that equipment financing is not an option, I will immediately tell the client. 

Before entering into an agreement, it’s very important for Mainstream to conduct an assessment and understand the applicant’s requirements.

What is especially important is for Mainstream Leasing to understand the benefits that the piece of equipment will bring to their business.

What are the major tax benefits of leasing equipment?

There are several tax benefits of leasing equipment.

Firstly, lease payments are a deductible operating expense which reduces the taxable income of a company.

As an operating expense, an equipment lease is an off balance sheet item. This is very important, because it affects the ability of a business to remain flexible and to be able to borrow conventional financing from a banking institution.

An equipment lease is not necessarily an alternative to a line of credit or bank financing but rather a complementary type of financing. Often businesses find themselves in a situation where they use their line of credit. The purpose of a line of credit, however, is for short term usage and it’s meant to fluctuate. Many small businesses make poor business decisions and utilize their lines-of-credit as a permanent form of capitalization.

It is important to remember that equipment leasing is a complementary source of working capital in addition to term loans that the company may have or a line of credit.

Where does Mainstream Leasing conduct business?

While Mainstream Leasing is based in Toronto,  we deal with clients all across Canada, the United States and have several international clients.

We have dealt with vendors in China, Europe and South America. Basically, I deal with virtually anyone in the world who wants lease financing.

We are not geographically bound by any means, as we are connected to a very good network of associates.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to you for a quote on leasing financing.  Nor is there any obligation for you to accept the proposal.

Ready to Lease Equipment?


    Types of Leases

    • Trucks
    • Trailers
    • Excavators
    • Construction Equipment
    • Cranes
    • Horizontal Drilling
    • Tree Service Equipment
    • Firewood processor
    • CNC saws
    • Shredders
    • Point-of-sale systems
    • Software
    • Computer systems
    • Waste management equipment
    • Manufacturing equipment