What would Clint Eastwood have to say about Leasing Equipment?

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Besides being an “on-screen” Star, Clint Eastwood is also one of the most meticulous and talented Director/Producers’ behind the Cameras.

Clint knows a lot about leasing some of the most sophisticated and technical gear worth millions of dollars. He can’t afford to make a mistake when it comes to selecting the right vendors and equipment. There’s millions of dollars riding on his decisions and the outcome.

Here’s something Clint knows that most of us don’t know.

Many of the major Box-Office Blockbusters follow a “story formula.”

There’s usually a Hero, a nasty villain or giant problem to overcome, (and the Hero is not too sure how he’s going to get to a successful outcome), so along comes a “Guide” who lays out a plan that the Hero can follow, takes action, avoids disaster and ends with a successful and many times, a happy ending.

If you saw the first “Star Wars,” you’ll recall that Luke Skywalker had to take out the “Death Star,” and wipe out the “bad guys.” He’s not sure he’s the guy who can get it done and make the right decisions. Then along comes “Yoda” (the Guide) and as a former Jedi, lays out the plan for Luke, gets him to take action, wins the day, save millions of lives and finishes with a happy ending.

So, if Clint were to make a movie about “leasing” he might suggest there’s the “Good, The Bad and The Ugly”.

First, “the Bad” – there’s so many financing options out there to choose from and it can be confusing to find the right equipment leasing broker that’s going to get the job done and a financial leasing plan that is solid and affordable.

You might encounter “The Ugly.” Thinking that getting a deal done with one of the “big banks” or “large financial institutions” could be your best choice. But what happens if you run into some unforeseen difficulties and the “big guys” call in and cancel your loan and leave you high and dry. It has happened and the “ugly part” was forcing the liquidation of your business.

Now, let’s cast the “Good” part of this leasing movie.

You’re the Hero (you have the Vision of what’s possible,) to make a highly successful business, but cash flow always seems to be a problem.

Along comes your “Guide” – that’s Richard. He’s got the plan, the best and the most sensible lenders (who unlike some of the big guys) don’t demand you file report after report, every month or more.

So, with “Richard – the Guide’s” plan, you take the action required, Richard finds the best equipment lease you need, helps you finish the project and you reach a happy outcome that makes everyone associated with your enterprise, very, very happy.

Now, you’re the “Hero”, Richard is your “Guide” and your business not only “Survives…but Thrives.”

So, it’s up to you to decide…want to be the “Hero” in a “Good” movie with a great ending or have a starring role in a “bad or ugly” nail-biter or cliffhanger?

It’s Easy…Call Richard – 1-877-579-1941

“When you Need a Great Lease…Richard can get it Done.”

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